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Stud Sires

Poll Dorsets

Lyndowns 840/20

from Tasmania bought for his overall true Dorset Type crossed with Geejay ewes he has bred a type of ram that we are very happy with what he has produced.

Konongwootong 136/20

KONOWOOTONG RAM 136 20.JPGtwin and top priced ram at Konongwootong Ram Sale 2021. Bought for his high early growth and big muscle scan.

White Suffolk

Mertex 493/20

MERTEX RAM 2020 CROPPED.JPGtop price ram at Mertex Ram Sale 2021 a very big Correct Ram that was on display at our sale in 2021. Unfortunately, he didn't live to sire many lambs but what we do have are very good.

Penrise 262-14

Penrise 262-141st Ram lamb Devonport, 2nd Shorn Ram Bendigo Elite 2015

Derby Downs 404-11

Derby Downs 404-113rd Ram lamb at Bendigo ASBA in 2011, showed outstanding growth as a lamb, which was a factor in purchasing this ram.

Yentrac 360-11

Outstanding growth as a lamb, his first year of producing progeny for us he ranked as the top sire in our Stockscan figures.

Geejay 5-12 a Twin

Geejay 5-12 aBy the well-known Hilden 123-10. Kept for his early growth and maturity traits.

Penrise 188-10

2nd in pairs Australasian 2011, sired by Kurralee 143-07 a keeper ram for the Kurralea stud, Sire of the dam Kurralea 218-01 used by a lot of top studs in Australia. We purchased this ram in 2011.

Loddon Lea 3-09

Loddon Lea 3-09Top priced Ram Lamb at loddon lea's final dispersal. Bought in partnership with the Fraser family of Swan Hill. Outstanding growth for age, used lightly at Geejay for 2010 lambing, with some great lambs already on the ground. Will be on display at the sale.

Loddon Lea 3-09 sired lambsLoddon Lea 3-09 sired lambs

Derrynock 33-03

A well known stud sire within the Poll Dorset industry siring many Top Stud Rams Sons of 33-03 have topped Derrynock's on property sale 3 years in a row. Semen enquiries welcome.

Konongwootong 2/05 (Storm)

Top Priced Ram Konongwootong 2006

Konongwootong 2/05 (Storm)Sired by: Konongwootong 67/03 (Barry)
Description: Big early growth as a lamb
Has not got a big show history but a ram that took our eye early on.
Stock Scan:
Weight: 136 Kg
Muscle Depth: 50
Muscle Width: 103
Fat: 11

Graythorn 96/05 (The Counciler)

Graythorn 96/05Sired by: Tattykeel (Supreme) Supreme Exhibit Melbourne 2004, sold for $23,000
Description: A ram with extreme early high growth.
Highly Commended Ram Lamb Melbourne Royal 05
1st & Champion Deniliquinn Feature Show Feb 06
3rd Cowra 06
4th Bendigo Sheep Show 06
1st & Reserve Champion Hamilton 06
Stock Scan:
Weight: 127.5 Kg
Muscle Depth: 45
Muscle Width: 98
Fat: 12

Cyclone 38/04

Cyclone 38/04Sired by: Geejay 5/02 Twin
Description: Very early growth lamb at 14 weeks he was 60 Kg and was used in the stud in for the 2005 drop, a half brother to MP.
3rd Bendigo as Ram Lamb
2nd Hamilton
2nd Wimmera Mallee Championships as Ram Lamb
Stockscan: 13-5-04
Weight: 129.5kg
Muscle Depth: 41
Muscle Width: 95
Fat: 4

Deloraine Downs 317/03 Twin (Thunder)

Sired by: Sired by Dongadilling 80/01
Description: He is a very big and sound Ram.
5th in the Shorn Pair's Bendigo 04'
2nd in the Shorn Pair's at Hamilton 04'
Stock Scan:
Weight: 131 Kg
Muscle Depth: 49
Muscle Width: 97
Fat: 8

Deloraine Downs 5/03 Twin (Lightning)

Sired by: Sired by a grandson of the great sire Kurralea 52/97
Description: He is a very neat and correct ram with outstanding early growth and an excellent top line.
2nd Yaralla Trophy (Bare Shorn) Class Bendigo 04'
5th Bare Shorn Pair's Melbourne Royal 04'
Stock Scan:
Weight: 135 Kg
Muscle Depth: 50
Muscle With: 98
Fat: 8

Geejay 55/98

Geejay 55/98

Sired by: Hilden 71/92
Description: Has bred a very good line of ewes that are now breeding our topr lambs with high early growth.
1st Ram Lamb, Hamltion 98'
1st + Champion Ram Lamb Wimmera Mallee Horsham 98'
1st + Champion Ram Wimmera Mallee Hopetoun 99'
Stock Scan:

Geejay 5/02 Twin

Geejay 5/02 TwinSired by: Redman 39/99
Description: By Redman has bred very well for us in his first year at stud with all our top lambs in 04' drop sired by him.
1st Ram Lamb Hamilton 02'
1st + Champion Ram Lamb Wimmera Mallee Swan Hill 02'
Never shown after '02
Stock Scan:

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