HISTORY - Geejay Stud


We started the stud in 1984 with Tattykeel blood

In 2000 we purchased a Konongwootong ram (Redman), who was sired by the top ram Kurralea 52/97, who was Reserve Champion at the 98 Melbourne Royal. Redman along with MP have bred extremely well with Geejay ewes.

2004 we purchased 2 rams from Deloraine Downs both are twins and have continued to breed a majority of twins. In the 2005 Sucker selling season rams sired by Geejay rams made top price for the state at $127.60.

2007 we saw the 1st sucker lambs for the year sold in Kerang with top prices going to lambs sired by GeeJay rams for the next 3 sales a high percentage of sucker lambs in each sale were from GeeJay Rams upholding our reputation for continuing to produce rams that sire early maturing lambs.

Sucker lambs sired by Geejay ramsSucker lambs sired by Geejay rams bred by the McIntosh family of Tragowel sold Bendigo 2011 14-16 wks old estimated dressed weight 20-22kg

2011 has seen one of our good clients the McIntosh family of Tragowel achieve $134 for the 1st sucker lambs offered in Bendigo sale yards for the season with an estimated dressed weight of 20-22kg.

Over the years we have aimed at high early growth lambs because our clients wish to sell their lambs at 14 - 18 weeks of age. Our rams sire a high percentage of the early suckers in the Kerang market.

We have also kept the wool short and dense and off the face which we feel is very important in sucker lamb production. In 2001 and 2002 we achieved top price and top average at Kerang ram sales. Winter 2003 GeeJay sired lambs sold for $144.10 for which was the highest price for sucker lambs in victoria for that week.

With the closure of the Kerang sheep sales it has still been pleasing to see Geejay sired lambs from local lamb breeders still regularly featuring in the higher prices of the day and have on a few occasions topped the market at Bendigo. and other markets. Which proves our genetics are achieving our aim of early maturing lambs. Our aim is to buy only sires that have a proven history of producing early maturing traits with quality, so that we can forward these same traits on in our Stud and Flock rams.

White Suffolk History

Founded in 1997 with 8 Suffolk ewes from Stonehaven Stud crossed with a tall bare headed Geejay Poll Dorset ram, only top White Suffolk Rams have been used since.

Our aim is to breed large frame meaty flock rams.

We have only shown White Suffolks twice with great success, winning Champion Ram at Ballarat Sheep Show in 2011.

In 2014 a line of 74 lambs became the highest priced lambs sold in Victoria, selling for $210.60 each. They were sired by Geejay White Suffolk Rams. Our clients continually top the market with their lambs.

We believe we are on the right track with our breeding program to have results as indicated above.

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